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In 1988 Apple Macintosh computers were a relatively new and somewhat hipper version of the "PC." It was then that I was first introduced to this awesome "tool" which helped bring creative ideas to life graphically and digitally. With it's huge 9" diagonal black and white screen, and 56K of memory, it was like nothing I've seen before! <smirk> Well, things sure have come a long way since then, but from my very first encounter with the "Mac" I was hooked on the incredible things I was able to learn and produce, as the Creative Services Manager/Director for several advertising agencies in Princeton, NJ. Over the next 10+ years, and through many trials (and some errors), I learned the ins and outs of graphic design. For the next 10 years, as I began to venture out on my own, the specialty was geared more toward direct mail advertising design, with over 5,000 unique advertising clients published in over 20 million circulation. Still today, I strive to help others achieve their needs through successful and lasting business relationships.

I hope to be given the opportunity to work with you on your graphic design projects, and thank you for considering Concepts Co. as your single source for all your print and web design.

John Zunski
Graphic Designer

John At His Desk